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Tailgate Tavern Sports Bar & Grill
120-18 Paengseongdaegyo, Anjeong-ri, 41
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Tailgate Tavern Sports Bar & Grill


A bit off the beaten path, Tailgate Tavern is definitely worth a visit in in the Anjeongri area of Pyeongtaek. The interior has a nice "hometown" atmosphere, along with extensive lunch & dinner menus. Drinks, you may ask? Of course, a very large selection of beer, both bottled and on tap. Mixed drinks, cocktails, signature shots, you name it they probably have it on their menu. The tavern has special events throughout the year, so check back here or on their Facebook page for more information on upcoming events.

Getting there: GPS: 36°58'08.1"N 127°02'28.5"E, Google Maps: 36.968915, 127.041327

At the head of the Anjeongri Shopping District (across from USAG Humphrey's walk-in gate), head west towards OMG Auto Repair. At the 4-way intersection light, turn left (west again) heading towards the Anseong River bridge. From this intersection, travel ~800 meters (about 1/2 mile), Tailgate Tavern is located right side in a small shopping center just past Kang's Automotive (15-20 minute walk from the UASG Humphreys walk-in gate).

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Open Time: 
11:00 AM - 1:00 AM
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